Welcome to Tahiti and the islands


TAHITI vanilla is with no comparison a high quality vanilla: shiny, oily, it is an
aromatic bouquet unique in the world. The length in the mouth of the Tahitian Hotu
Vanilla vanilla is an asset valued by many great chefs who find real pleasure in
perfuming their culinary creations with a thousand and one colors and flavors.

Hotu Vanilla vanilla is cultivated on the sacred island of Raiatea ,located 210 km
from the island of TAHITI ,in the Leeward Islands archipelago by the TAUATITI
family. A family whose values are an important part of their life and which attaches
great importance to Polynesian ethics and culture.

Its various awards are the guarantee of a product of exceptional quality, constant
over time and a complete mastery of the production and preparation of the vanilla
Come and enjoy the good products of Hotu Vanilla grown in a beautiful setting.
Hotu Vanilla natural vanilla concentrates the aromas of the Raiatea terroir: waxes,
tannins, sugars, resins and many other aromatic molecules in addition to vanillin
and ethyl vanillin that synthetic substances cannot match.

Order your vanilla on “Hotu Vanilla” ‘s website and your vanilla will travel from the
Island Raiatea to your plate to flavour your ( recipes, sauces, cocktails and
Enjoy our superb vanilla that will offer you a unique taste journey trhough the
Sacred Island of Raitea, the cradle of Polynesian civilization.

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